Privacy Policy

We are thoughtful about the personal information you share with us as a part of operation of our company and we understand that your privacy is critically important to us.

Privacy Policy

We require the following information

  1. Name along with job title
  2. Phone number and email address
  3. Related demographic information
  4. Any other relevant information

Our Purpose with the Gathered Information

The main purpose for us to collect all the information is to give better services to our customers and also to understand all their needs.

  1. keeping internal records
  2. Using it for better service
  3. Send promotional emails periodically for any new offers
  4. your information can also be used from time to time for any kind of market research


We are very much particular about your information and assure it to be secured with us. We have also placed special physical and electronic products to keep all the information secure. It also helps to prevent unauthorized access or any kind of disclosure.

Link to other website

Our website will link you to many other websites that can be of your interest. Bt once the links are used to leave the site there are no other links that we have and so we are not responsible for the protection and privacy of your information.


In order to manage the business better, the organization collects all information about the clients. It is the responsibility of the organisation to inform all the individuals about the various disclosures of the company. The collection of the information is only limited to the use that it is required for the business purpose.

Cookie / Tracking Technology

This is very useful to gather all the information about the operating system, browser type,tracking the number of visitors who visit the site and understand the way they need the sites to work. Any kind of personal information cannot be tracked with the presence of cookies or any other tracking files. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.


It is the responsibility of the organization to make the customers believe that all their information are secure and used in the proper way. Opportunity will be given to individuals providing personal information to review and correct their personal information, and, the organization will on written request by an individual to whom the information relates in order to modify the information as required.

Opt - Out Procedure

At any time you will have the right to opt out of any program that you feel like. Your request shall imply that we shall not send commercial e-mails that would be considered as unsolicited.Any opt-in email that you receive from this Web site shall contain a link through which you may opt-out. XIPHIAS Software Technologies will not be responsible for any unauthorized disclosure that might have taken place or accessed by third party.


personal information will be stored by the organization using hard copy or electronic means in to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal of the personal information.


For all personal information collected, the organization will establish a retention period. This period may be related to legislation other than PIPEDA (Employment Standards for example).


Unless the effected individual consents, the organization will not disclose personal information unnecessarily to employees or any third party.


Access will be provided according to established procedures. The organization promotes individual's right of access to personal information about themselves. The employer will provide access to information upon request.